Thursday, July 29, 2021 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Zoom Webinar


In 2020, the world shut its doors, limiting or even eliminating group gatherings to protect against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Entertainment industries were among the hardest hit by these shutdowns, with opportunities for concerts and other in-person events disappearing almost overnight. However, thanks in part to its continuous embrace of new technology and digitized fan outreach, the K-pop industry was quickly able to shift to an online format, providing singers different platforms to stay connected with fans and keep revenue flowing throughout the pandemic.

How was K-pop able to adapt to these changes so quickly? How has the digitization of fandom impacted the way fans interact with their idols and with each other? And what does all this mean for the future of the Korean music industry?

Please join the University of Chicago for a discussion with Dr. Jimmyn ParcDr. Rebecca King-O'Riain, and Jenna Gibson for a discussion of the K-pop industry and its adaption to the COVID and post-COVID world.

July 29, 2021
8:30pm      Hong Kong | Beijing | Singapore
9:30pm      South Korea
6:00pm     Delhi
2:30pm      Paris
1:30pm       London
7:30am      Chicago


Jenna Gibson
PhD Candidate
Department of Political Science
University of Chicago

Rebecca King-O’Riain
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
Maynooth University

Jimmyn Parc
Visiting Lecturer, Science Po Paris
Researcher, Institute of Communication Research
Seoul National University

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